'Amsterdam meets Antwerp'

Finally the wait is over… Secretly we have been working on something very special! The lessons learned over the years have led to the next step in our journey. A journey for which we are very grateful! We are therefore more than excited to share our first own collection with you! Get to know 'where Amsterdam meets Antwerp'..

Quality as you are used to from us

Menina, founded in Amsterdam, is shaped by the high Dutch standard with its direct characteristics. This means that we always strive for the very best, in every possible way. The Dutch are proud of these characteristics and pass them on to the generations that come after us. And with this vision in mind, the creation of Menina's own collection began.

The Diamond District

Hundreds of years ago, diamond traders found their way to the port of Antwerp and it grew into the home base of mining, traders, jewelers and goldsmiths. The city of Antwerp, an inexhaustible source of craft and expertise, became the place to turn our sketches and ideas into reality.

Our first own collection

Our very first own collection; 'where Amsterdam meets Antwerp'. A collection where Antwerp expertise and craftsmanship meet the high Dutch standard. Designs inspired by the most talked about vintage finds, carefully translated into new designs and sprinkled with a touch of Menina.

You are our inspiration

We want to thank you for being our biggest inspiration. You take us into unique stories and share your most special moments with us. And with that you feed our passion to work harder every day and take Menina to the highest level!