Menina Amsterdam's mission: Breathe new life into vintage jewelry

'As a young girl she admired the rings on her grandmother's hands. Glittering accessories that symbolize something valuable and dear. Beautiful stones in different colors, big and small.'- Stella, Menina Amsterdam.

Menina's Mission: Bringing new life to vintage jewelry

Beautiful stones in different colors is something that has always fascinated us. Small accessories that symbolize something valuable and dear. The love and enchantment for jewelery is something we have carried with us all our lives. This fascination continued to grow over the years and made us decide to make this tangible. In 2019, the vintage jewelry brand Menina Amsterdam was born.

Full Vintage Label

Unique showpieces, selected with love. That is the Menina collection. We purchase used jewelery through our worldwide network. The common denominator is the quality. We select the jewelry on that basis. Once arrived in the Netherlands, most jewelry is repaired or processed by our regular goldsmith. Unrecognizable and in a style you won't see anywhere else. Menina Amsterdam is known as a fully-fledged vintage label and focuses on women in particular.

Stories of Vintage Jewelry

The jewelry of Menina Amsterdam has a past. We cherish that. Through our channels we love to share the stories of today. The experiences of the women and girls who add a chapter to our vintage jewelry. If you wear a Menina Amsterdam jewellery, you are one of the Meninas.

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A sustainable world

Menina Amsterdam stands for a sustainable world! We want to breathe new life into products that may no longer be of value to others and offer them the chance to find happiness with a new owner. Not only do we want to contribute to less consumption of raw materials in this way, but we also want to create awareness to treat our earth sparingly.

The Menina Team

Behind Menina Amsterdam is a team composed of bright minds who all contribute their precious stone. Incredibly driven. Young and with a fresh look. And ambitious. We ensure that Menina Amsterdam continues to grow. Together we work towards the same goal: to make women happy with the most beautiful vintage jewellery. A goal that connects us and encourages us to go that little bit further every time.

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