Emma | Vintage Chrome Diopside Solitaire & Diamond Accents

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Oh Emma, you have been on our minds from the day we met! Your solitaire Chrome Diopside is breathtaking and highlighted by her stunning Diamond accents. This beauty should not be stored away. Are you ready to show her the world?

This ring comes with a pretty vintage ring box.

All our rings are second hand and only available online. Every item is hand viewed by our goldsmith who carefully inspected each ring of the type of metal and stones. Also all items are fully refurbished before selling, including cleaning, setting & claw inspection, rhodium plating (where required). Many items will appear as new. Please note that resizing will affect the return conditions.

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  • December
  • April
  • Chrome Diopside
  • Diamond
  • 9c Yellow Gold
Current size:
  • 17.5
Possibilities for resizing, every size in between:
  • 16.5 / 19.5 (Done by our own goldsmith)

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