Love stories

We cherish the origin of our jewelry and we also like to tell stories from today.
Share your story with us. Become a Menina.

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Daphne & Jeffrey

After an evening walk on the beach in Greece, my now fiancée got down on one knee, wearing the beautiful Adriana ring!

After a lot of searching he came across this ring with an opal. He was ready for the licorice and ordered it right away. The stone makes creative, cheerful, optimistic and stimulates an interest in art and beautiful things. Which fits perfectly, since I work in the art sector myself. In addition, it has a strong connection with love and passion. A perfect ring for a proposal!

Niels & Sharon

As a memento of our daughter's birth, I wanted to give my wife a ring. Our daughter has zodiac sign Aries. I therefore wanted a ring that immediately stands out! A ring that represents the qualities of an Aries: perseverance, honesty, directness, challenge and ambition. A ring that is immediately present when you take her out of the box.

On the Menina Amsterdam website I saw a beautiful ring that was perfect for this occasion. I am happy that I was able to give my wife such a meaningful gift that will forever remind her of this special moment!

Femke & Johannes

My name is Femke from Belgium and I received a beautiful engagement ring from Menina!
I've always wanted a unique and timeless ring, so what better than a vintage piece! I gave my boyfriend hints by giving him pictures of it
vintage rings on Pinterest! My friend asked where to find such a ring and the quest started, which is really difficult in Belgium.
Through Instagram I found Menina! All my
favorite rings were sent directly to my boyfriend, meanwhile my fiancé! When I
came across this ring I immediately fell in love and ordered it in advance! My friend completed the purchase and had it delivered to a secret
location, so that I was totally unaware of his plan. On March 10, 2021 he surprised me with a proposal with my dream ring! And they lived
happy ever after.

Jessica Scheffers

I have been looking for a gold eternity ring with emeralds and diamonds for a while now. I have Indo-European blood through my mother's side of the family, and the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) used to be known as the 'Gordel van Smaragd'. I wanted a vintage ring instead of a new ring; A ring with a story from a bygone era.

I saw this on the Menina webshop
beautiful eternity ring called "Maia". Unfortunately my grandparents are gone, but by giving a new story to this ring I keep it
the thought of them and the stories about the 'Girdle of Emerald' alive and I make something that is no longer tangible tangible again. Beautiful Maia I will carry you with lots of love and pride and hopefully one day I can pass you on to my children.

Lydia & Martin

On February 8, 2021, my (now) husband proposed to me with a vintage Emerald cluster ring from Menina. How did I become so happy? Maybe I gave him some hints through Menina's Instagram posts... I highly recommend doing that because my engagement ring is the ring I've always dreamed of! On the day off, we had a last minute love shoot in a snowy landscape with photographer Purely Captured. Towards the end of the shoot, the photographer said she felt she'd taken enough shots, to which Mart said, "Well, I've got something to do..." and pulled out that green box that I immediately recognized. When showing the ring to family and friends they all said the ring is so me. It was just a short engagement,
because we got married in March with only both parents present. So in two months I went from no rings at all to two rings, which I wear with pride because it shows that I belong to Mart forever.