From Amsterdam to Antwerp

Before our jewelery has found its way to your hand, it has already traveled a long way. During our searches, we only go for the most beautiful, most special pieces, which are almost all foreign finds. After arrival in the Netherlands, these are immediately taken to our own goldsmith in Antwerp, who immediately starts working with them! After all, much remains to be done.

Everything in-house

First of all, they are completely polished so that they can be properly checked for quality. Everything is carefully mapped out and discussed what should be done with it. Possible strengthening of the setting, perhaps replacing a stone and then of course polishing. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail so that they shine like never before!

More than 20 years of experience

Our goldsmith's workshop is located in the Diamond City of the world, Antwerp. He is a specialized craftsman with more than 20 years of experience and an indispensable link in our team. Involved in every step of the process and an inexhaustible source of information. In his workshop equipped with all equipment and supplies, he practices his craftsmanship with great passion. A unique spectacle that we can watch for hours and a fantastic one to give you a look!